Friday, 30 May 2014

A Man’s Daughter Tragically Drowned In 1870. What He Did For Her Still Stands Today… And It’s AWESOME.

After tragically losing his daughter at a young age, a father decided to give her one final gift.
 John Cargill, son of Captain William Cargill, lost his youngest to a rip tide in the 1870s. 
She drowned and, understandably, it broke his heart.
So, he used his grief and chipped away at a sandstone coastline south of Dunedin, 
New Zealand. He hand-carved a passage through the thick stone. The resulting tunnel 
was a path to a private beautiful beach… a touching tribute to his lost daughter.

The Tunnel Beach walk takes about 20 minutes, and it’s gorgeous the entire way.
You’ll make your way through cool, sandstone tunnel that is 72 steps in total.
By the markings on the walls, you can tell this was excavated by hand.
Once you’re through the tunnel…
You step out onto a private, beautiful beach.
It’s away from the hustle and bustle of other nearby beaches
This was Cargill’s final gift to his daughter.
The tunnel is the only way you can reach this private beach, full of unexplored 
caves and crevices.
It’s a beautiful spot for locals and tourists alike.
The Tunnel Beach of Dunedin is a must-see stop if you’re in the area (click here for more
 information and its address). It’s full of natural beauty. Not only that, but when you see it,
 you’ll know one grieving father just wanted to give his daughter something
 to smile about even though she was gone.
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